Southern California Solidly Behind Magnolia Tank Farm

Environmental and community organizations, labor, local business, law enforcement and emergency services, local government, and residents in the community support Magnolia Tank Farm and call on the California Coastal Commission to approve the application by the City of Huntington Beach to amend their local coastal plan to include Magnolia Tank Farm.

In 2020, we approved this exciting project in the city’s coastal zone that will transform a blighted industrial property into a vibrant mixed-use community with a variety of land uses including visitor-serving overnight accommodations, open space, conservation, and much-needed residential uses. The owner had the vision to work with the city to repurpose the Magnolia Tank Farm for uses more in keeping with the Coastal Act. This plan will transform this eyesore into a valuable coastal asset.

Former Mayor Barbara Delgleize,
City of Huntington Beach

The Magnolia Tank Farm project is a model by which we can compare future development and land use applications. Just like the rest of the State, Orange County is facing an ongoing crisis in housing availability. To meet this obligation, our County must accommodate almost 184,000 new housing units in a matter of years. I have full confidence in our local and regional planning authorities and our flood control infrastructure to protect existing and future developments to meet our Regional Housing Needs Assessment obligations.

Andrew Do,
Orange County Supervisor

Ecotourism is an important platform, if not the most important platform, for launching public education programs. As a part of the Tank Farm development, Shopoff Realty Investments is proposing a partnership between Shopoff and the Huntington Beach Wetlands Conservancy (HBWC) that will provide public access and wetlands education for both visitors and residents. We are excited to partner with them in this effort.

John Villa,
Huntington Beach Wetlands

Orange County is currently experiencing a shortfall of nearly 60,000 housing units and cities are in urgent need of a variety of housing types. OCBC looks to new housing development like what is being proposed by Shopoff Realty Investments to help fill these housing needs. Furthermore, in trying economic times it is crucial for cities to find additional funding sources for local infrastructure projects, parks and public safety. In addition to new tax revenue and the economic development impacts of addressing local housing supply challenges, this plan will bring in new jobs both during construction and once the lodge is built.

Jennifer Ward,
Orange County Business Council Sr. Vice President of Advocacy and Government Affairs

Despite the incredible challenges of the past several years, the City of Huntington Beach has shown incredible leadership in supporting the Magnolia Tank Farm (MTF). This new community will add much-needed housing at a time when it is sorely needed. MTF will not only add vital housing units to a jobs rich area of the County, it will also revitalize an abandoned industrial site into a thriving center with tangible amenities for locals and visitors alike. The site will boast homes, a hotel and economic activity in balance with and in protection of adjacent wetlands. MTF will promote the educational and ecological value of the neighboring natural resources while respectfully addressing the housing crisis and site’s need for revitalization.

Adam Wood,
Vice President, Building Industry Association, Orange County Chapter

It is our mission to advocate and promote Black business and economic development within the public and private sectors, resulting in a sound economic base that supports the survival and self-determination of the African-American community. As such, we support development that would positively impact local business and the city’s economic development, provide new home opportunities, and open beach access through educational opportunities and hotel accommodations for all demographics.

Bobby McDonald,
Black Chamber of Commerce of Orange County

Representing over 32,000 workers throughout Southern California and Arizona, UNITE HERE Local 11 is a proud supporter of the Magnolia Tank Farm project. The project provides four things working people most need: housing, green space, transportation, and good jobs. It improves coastal access for the families of hospitality workers and includes a Lodge with lower-cost accommodations that provide public access to coastal resources. The project will be a regional model for green jobs: It provides free transit passes for employees at the hotel, participation in the Orange County Emergency Ride Home program, and other ridesharing/carpooling incentives to encourage public transit and alternatives to single-occupancy vehicles; it creates a local hiring program with a goal of hiring Huntington Beach residents for jobs at the project; it preserves mature trees along Magnolia Street and plants native, non-invasive trees and landscaping; it builds bike trails or bike spaces that improve community connectivity to the Magnolia Marsh. Our members are the first to be impacted by climate change, so it’s important to us that this project connects jobs, housing, transportation and green space to build a sustainable future.

Francis Engler,

As an organization, our goal is to support our membership by engaging in processes that promote new quality jobs and opportunities for housing where our members work and play. The new hotel at the Tank Farm site in Huntington Beach brings new career opportunities jobs for local residents and veterans through local hire within the construction sector. The affordable housing component of the project will not only add local career opportunities jobs, but it will also provide workforce housing opportunities for veterans.

Ernesto Medrano,
Council Representative, Orange County

Having had the pleasure to be a Southeast Huntington Beach resident for over 50 years, we have witnessed first-hand the evolution of our corner of HB. Living in the neighborhood adjacent to the Tank Farm, we look forward to all the benefits a well thought out development will bring to the Southeast Huntington Beach community. Change isn’t always easy, but I feel strongly that this proposal is one of those moments we will look back on as a crossroads, proud we spoke up in favor of the project and feel strongly the much-needed new housing for families in Huntington Beach and accompanying boutique hotel will serve the existing residents well. We support this project and look forward to it finally getting underway.

David Wetzel,
Tank Farm neighbor

As Vice Chair of the Orange County Council of Governments (OCCOG), and a city leader, I was proud to stand with my colleagues to support much-needed housing in Orange County while preserving local control to preserve the livability of our neighborhoods. OCCOG unanimously adopted a resolution to support the Magnolia Tank Farm mixed-use project in Huntington Beach. This development will add new homes, a hotel, associated retail, greater wetlands protection and improve the public’s access to the coast. These are the types of projects that Orange County needs to remain a desirable place to live and visit.

Wendy Bucknum,
Vice-Chair, Orange County Council of Governments and Mission Viejo Mayor

Huntington Beach residents, local business leaders and industry professionals joined in support of the Magnolia Tank Farm during the entitlement hearing process. We are grateful to the following individuals who lent their support then and continue to support the project, as well as additional community and regional organizations and individuals who have joined the efforts to see this plan come to fruition:

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Individual Supporters:

Dane Aleksic

Paula Garcia-Arsenault

Mike Arsenault

Brad Bailey

Rima Bartase

Alica Berhow

Candice Boldt

Nicole Burdette

Les Card

Randy Coe

Robyn Copeland

Jose Cortez

Matt Cramer

Douglas Cummins

Ron Davis

Spring Jaentsch

Lori Labadie

Steven LaMotte

Tommy Lee

Robert Leopardo

Dale Martinez

Brandee Marvin

Ann McCarthy

John McCarthy

Brandon McQuiston

Bart Mink

Jason Morris

Bert Nakasone

Molly Nalty

Dinh Nguyen

Jose Perez

Lee Ann Poe

Rudy Poe

Keri Pommerenk

Rachel Ramirez

Mark Reader

Deryl Robinson

Russell Sager

Scott San Filippo

Louis Dennis

Kevin Dow

Anita Glasser

Teri Haddon

Jeff Hennes

Debra Schales

Peritem Signh

Gordon Smith

Taylor Smith

Michael Stracner

Scott Supernaugh

Lynne Supernaugh

Adam Swanson

Ken Thomson

Susan Thomson

Dianne Thompson

John Toohey

Michael Tran

Oscar Uranga

Jerry Uselton

Peter Vanek

Tina Vo

Tien Vu

Michelle Weedon

Izzy Westbrook

David Wetzel

Rick Wood

Hersel Zahab

Mark Himmelstein

John Hobson

Lance Huante

Domenic Iorfino

*Partial list

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