Thank You, Huntington Beach City Council

Thank you for voting to bring much-needed tax revenue and jobs to Huntington Beach.

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to the city council for approving the Magnolia Tank Farm Specific Plan. As a resident of this community, I look forward to the transformation of this blighted property from its former use as an oil storage facility to a vibrant new mixed-use neighborhood. The revitalization of this property will dramatically improve the aesthetics and value of the southeast area of the city – the southern gateway to our community.

Redeveloping this property will result in a number of community and economic benefits. Adding a four-star lodge to the city’s existing inventory will bolster the city’s vital tourism industry. The proposed trails, parks and restaurants will serve both new and existing residents.

The development envisioned in the Tank Farm Specific Plan will also serve as an economic engine for the city. In these times when city governments are searching for an economic boost, approving projects like this one is crucial to bringing much-needed tax revenues and jobs to the city. All of this economic activity would be generated from a parcel of land that for the last fifty years has been an eyesore to the community while generating virtually no tax revenue.

In closing, the mixed-use neighborhood proposed for the Tank Farm property will produce countless and very important benefits for the city – significant new tax revenue, quality housing, support for the wetlands, and hundreds of jobs for Huntington Beach residents. Thank you for approving this most thoughtfully planned addition to the great City of Huntington Beach.