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RE: SUPPORT for City of Huntington Beach Magnolia Tank Farm Housing Development

Dear Chairwoman Hart and Commissioners,

As a member of the Building Industry Association, I write to you today in strong support of the proposed Magnolia Tank Farm housing project in Huntington Beach. When considering California’s historic housing and homelessness crisis, this is exactly the type of project that should be supported by all levels of California government.

California’s growing housing and homelessness crisis impacts families, communities, and the overall well-being of the state. The lack of housing inventory is causing home and apartment costs to skyrocket, forcing many California families – including many in Southern California – to relocate. And despite the state’s best efforts, hurdles to new housing development remain as cumbersome as ever.

California’s current Statewide Housing Plan, put forth by the Department of Housing and Community Development last year, calls for Huntington Beach to plan for over 13,000 homes by the end of the decade. Failure to get a good project like Magnolia Tank Farm off the ground would only contribute to a worsening problem.

Further, the elimination of affordable residential neighborhoods in the coastal zone is identified as a contributing factor to homelessness and an unjust impact for lower income communities of color. Increasing housing opportunity within coastal communities is a matter of statewide interest that must be given serious consideration.

If coastal cities are prevented from such development, achieving state housing goals becomes an impossibility.

I respectfully request that the CCC adopt a smart and reasonable approach to environmental policies that will also address the housing crisis. I look forward to your consideration of this request and proactive efforts to assist the building industry with projects currently under consideration by the CCC.