Magnolia Tank Farm Exceeds All State and Local Requirements

  1. Utilizes Green Building Practices
  2. Embraces Climate Policies and Solutions
  3. Addresses Sea Level Rise
  4. Contributes to State Housing and Equity Priorities that Encourage Mixed-Use Neighborhoods

Green Building

  • Utilizes state of the art energy conservation equipment and green building materials for all structures and adheres to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards

Sea Level Rise

  • Surpasses the goals established in the Joint Statement of Principles for Sea Level Rise Adaptation Planning developed the California Coastal Commission and local government representatives of the League of Cities and California State Association of Counties
  • Fortifies property development against potential flood risk caused by Sea Level Rise and takes advantage of flood control infrastructure built and maintained by the Orange County Flood Control District

Climate Change

  • Utilizes creative solutions developed by Magnolia Tank Farm and the City of Huntington Beach for the Amendment to the Local Coastal Plan that will benefit the coast, wetlands, and local community
  • Utilizes a variety of new tools "to support adaptation to achieve better environmental, economic, and community outcomes over the long term"

State Housing Priorities

  • Contributes to Orange County’s effort to meet the state’s Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) allocation, which requires cities in Orange County to find space for approximately 183,000 new homes
  • Locates affordable housing to help the city and county achieve its diversity goals and address the shortage of affordable housing
  • Fulfills California Coastal Commission/Local Government goal to include many stakeholders such as business owners, representatives of underserved communities, low-income housing advocates, environmental and conservation organizations, and local agencies

Mixed-Use Neighborhood

  • Helps to reduce harmful transportation emissions by improving local transit infrastructure and providing housing and affordable housing that will have easy access to schools, health care, grocery stores and other services
  • Provides a mixed-use development that contains lodging, retail, and restaurants and provides residents and visitors with open space, walking trails, and learning center opportunities
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