Transformative Spaces Designed for Increased Public Access

Creates Public Access Points for Exploring Nature

Provides Space for Nature and the Community to Co-exist

  • 2.84 acres of coastal conservation open space to protect the adjacent marsh from predators and human incursion
  • Provides public parks, trails, and viewpoints
    • Magnolia Park — passive recreation amidst riparian landscaping
    • Marsh Park — observation area, shade structure, passive recreation areas, and amphitheater for interpretive programs
    • Coastal Trail and Viewpoints — providing access and connectivity between open spaces, commercial areas and residential uses, both existing and future

Protects Natural Resources Promoting Regional Conservation

  • Creates a buffer zone to protect the adjacent wetlands area
  • Provides a native upland habitat conservation area
  • Expands wetland habitat area
  • Provides opportunities for wetlands stewardship, educational and outreach programs, including interpretive programs and additions to Conservancy’s existing offerings

Transforms a Blighted Area into a Destination

  • Removed shuttered oil tanks shortly after purchase to begin restoring the view scape for area residents
  • Cleaned up industrial pollutants in the ground and water
  • Prepared plans for replanting vegetation and restoring wetlands
  • Improve Magnolia Street streetscape with new landscaped entry at Banning Avenue and improvements to "Squirrel" Park

Addresses California’s Housing Shortage

Making Housing Affordable

  • Nationally recognized affordable housing developer
  • Affordable units for Huntington Beach workforce
  • Affordable rental units

New Housing to Address the Regional Shortage

  • 250 new homes for Orange County residents
  • For sale and for rent options
  • Contributes to city’s Regional Housing Needs Assessment obligation

Public Access

Accommodations for Families to Visit the Coast

  • Eco-friendly Lodge with up to 215 rooms
  • 40 lower-cost accommodations
  • High-occupancy rooms designed for families

Improving the Roads and Infrastructure

  • Enhanced public transit stop near Magnolia Tank Farm
  • New curb and sidewalk to increase pedestrian mobility
  • Additional public parking for the area

Contributes to the Recovery
of the Region

  • 2,022 construction-related jobs
  • $1.6 million in school district fees
  • $400,000 for play equipment and other improvements at Seely Park
  • $47 million of economic output
  • 391 permanent jobs
  • $300,000 for landscape improvements along Banning Avenue
  • $800,000 to fund improvements at Edison Park
  • $2.5 million in net annual revenue to the city of Huntington Beach for public safety, traffic circulation and infrastructure improvements, public libraries, and parks
  • $1 million to expand the Banning Branch Library

* Kosmont Report Analysis, 2019
**Current as of April 2019


Huntington Beach Wetlands Conservancy (HBWC) receives $10,000 donation from Shopoff Realty Investments

“We are appreciative of the ongoing partnership with Shopoff Realty Investments over the last several years. This latest contribution will help us with our cleanup efforts that will continue for the next several months,” stated John Villa, Executive Director of the HBWC.

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OC Register Op-ed: Approval of Magnolia Tank Farm moves Huntington Beach forward

“Our choice was between a blighted vacant lot or new homes, retail, shopping and dining, an eco-friendly lodge and community spaces that produce jobs, economic opportunity, and revenue…I’m pleased common sense and reasonableness prevailed.” Mike Posey is a member of the Huntington Beach City Council

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