See What Features are Planned for Magnolia Tank Farm

The Magnolia Tank Farm vision is the creation a vibrant gathering place designed with visitor-serving commercial uses that include a Lodge, restaurants, and retail establishments. The Magnolia Tank Farm will provide coastal access to the adjacent Magnolia Marsh and will be marked by diverse, high-quality residential and commercial architecture. Click through to learn more about the features of the Magnolia Tank Farm.

The Lodge

In addition to the 215 rooms with wetland and ocean views, The Lodge provides restaurants, retail and accommodations for the local community including bicyclists utilizing the Coastal Trail. This gathering space will provide a common area for residents and guests to enjoy activities with the opportunity to connect with the community and its surroundings.

Marsh Park

Within the project site, overlooking Magnolia Marsh, Marsh Park will be constructed to provide the public with views of the marsh and the ocean. Marsh Park will provide an observation area, a shade structure, passive recreation areas, and an amphitheater available for interpretive programs and docent-led tours of the marsh.

Coastal Trails & Viewpoints

An elevated public coastal trail will be constructed along the western edge of the site, along Magnolia Marsh. The trail will provide outstanding views of the Marsh and the ocean while connecting Magnolia Street with the Lodge and Marsh Park.

Magnolia Park

The existing, privately-owned greenbelt area, commonly referred to as “Squirrel Park,” would be transformed into a passive, privately-maintained, public park. Landscaping will consist of a dry riparian woodland ecosystem concept that is climate appropriate and complements vegetation in the coastal conservation area. Magnolia Park would provide meandering pathways, small seating areas, lighting, and signage.

New Neighborhood

A mix of 250 for sale single-family detached homes and townhomes are planned for the site; no apartments are proposed. The projects density falls within the City’s medium density classification at 15 units to the acre. The homes will complement the Huntington Beach lifestyle. Homes along Magnolia Street will not be higher than two stories, and homes on the interior of the project will not exceed three stories.