February Update

February Update

An Update from the Magnolia Tank Farm Team

Greetings Magnolia Tank Farm Supporters,

Community residents, environmental and community organizations, labor, local business, law enforcement and emergency services, and local government representatives – the Magnolia Tank Farm Team is thankful for your ongoing support for the coastal experience the Magnolia Tank Farm is working to bring to Huntington Beach.

In the time since the Huntington Beach City Council approved the project, The Magnolia Tank Farm Team has been working diligently in taking the necessary steps to receive state-level approvals at the California Coastal Commission.

Our hope is that the Magnolia Tank Farm goes before the California Coastal Commission in the early part of 2023. Pending the Commission’s approval, Huntington Beach will be home to 250 critically needed new housing units, a 215-room lodge, 2.8 acres of coastal conservation area, and 4.4 acres of new parks, trails, and viewpoints.

Here are a few updates from since we last checked in.

Have you seen our new website?

For information on this project, https://magnoliatankfarm.com/ is the best resource. Across the website, you can find information on the project benefits, including the contribution the project provides Huntington Beach, Orange County, and the State in meeting housing requirements. You can also find information on the public access/recreation benefits, low-cost accommodation benefits, and economic benefits the project provides in place of the currently empty site formerly occupied by oil storage tanks.

February Highlight – Much-Needed Housing for Huntington Beach

Like most coastal cities, Huntington Beach has struggled to meet statewide goals for moderate and affordable housing production. The city currently has a deficit of over 13,000 units needed to comply with California law. The MTF plan will help Orange County serve its residents and fulfill the County’s obligation to provide housing for residents in a variety of income brackets.

Housing to Address the Regional Shortage

  • The project creates 250 new medium-density homes for Orange County Residents.

Economic Benefits

  • Converts a former heavy industrial site to a new thriving mixed
    250 new homes
    215 room lodge/hotel
    1,500 construction-related jobs
    400 permanent jobs
    $18 million in labor income
    $47 million of economic output
    $3.5 million in gross tax revenue to the City of Huntington Beach
    Elimination of industrial pollutants
    Partnerships with school districts and NGOs in disadvantaged communities to provide free interpretive programs
    Outreach to disadvantaged communities regarding availability of low-cost overnight accommodations

We are thankful for your ongoing support.

The Magnolia Tank Farm Team

Magnolia Tank Farm Booklet

Magnolia Tank Farm Booklet

The Magnolia Tank Farm Booklet shares additional information on the project benefits associated with Marsh Park, Magnolia Park, The Lodge, Wetlands Interpretive Program, and much more.

Explore the Coast Overnight Assessment

Explore the Coast Overnight Assessment

The state Coastal Conservancy’s Explore the Coast Overnight Program was established to address the need for affordable coastal accommodations. The program called for an assessment of lower cost accommodations and the Magnolia Tank Farm project was featured on page 55.