Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a high density development? Will it allow apartments?

The Magnolia Tank Farm Specific Plan is not High Density; it falls within the Medium Density category. The Magnolia Tank Farm only proposes for-sale single family homes. No apartments are proposed. 

How large and how tall is the Lodge?

The Lodge is a maximum of 211,000 square feet with a maximum height of 50 feet. The building height adjacent to Magnolia Street will step down to a reduced height of 40 feet.

What type of accommodations will be available at the Lodge? Is it a youth hostel?

The Lodge will include a variety of guest rooms, including luxury suites as well as rooms designed for business travelers and cost-conscious and budget-oriented families and sports teams. It is not a youth hostel.

Will Lodge amenities be available to non-guests?

Yes, the entire facility will be open to guests and non-guests. The use of meeting spaces and restaurant facilities will be encouraged for nearby neighbors.

What type of homes are you planning?

A mix of single-family detached homes and townhomes are planned for the site. The homes will complement the homes of our existing Southeast Huntington Beach neighbors. Homes along Magnolia Street will not be higher than two stories, and homes on the interior will not exceed three stories.

Is the project site in the Coastal Zone?

The site is in the Coastal Zone and must adhere to the California Coastal Act and the Coastal Element of the City’s General Plan, as required by law.

Who is paying for the Environmental Impact Report?

The city bills Shopoff for 100% of EIR costs – no cost to taxpayers.

Who will maintain the parks?

The project includes privately maintained parks (Magnolia Park & Marsh Park), open to the public.

Can someone else purchase the site and build something else?

No developer – Shopoff or any other – can build anything outside of what is allowed in the approved Specific Plan.

Once the specific plan is approved will construction begin?

Future development consistent with the Specific Plan will require discretionary approval by the City, which requires public noticing.

Is the site contaminated? Does the ASCON property impact the project?

Over 165 borings have been completed which show no contamination exists on the site. This includes testing adjacent to the ASCON property boundary which further confirms there is no contamination being caused by ASCON.

What does the Huntington Beach Wetlands Conservancy (HBWC) think of the project?

Many of the project’s features were developed in consultation with HBWC. Furthermore, the project will provide opportunities for wetland stewardship, educational and outreach programs including interpretive programs and expand the Conservancy’s existing offerings.