Magnolia Tank Farm

Thank you to everyone who joined us in July 2023 to show your support for Magnolia Tank Farm and its many benefits proposed for Huntington Beach. We will be in touch in the near future with more opportunities to support much-needed housing, open space, educational opportunities, increased public access and new accommodations for families to visit Huntington Beach.

The reuse plan for the Magnolia Tank Farm property draws its inspiration from the adjacent wetland and ocean environments. A model for sustainable living in coastal Orange County, the land use plan features state-of-the-art housing, ample passive recreation opportunities, affordable overnight lodging, and innovative environmental education programs. Get acquainted with the exciting features the plan offers and join the list of individuals and organizations who are supporting the city of Huntington Beach's vision for transforming this formerly blighted industrial property into a vibrant mixed-use community designed to showcase the wetlands and promote public access for all.

"Huntington Beach has always been about livable neighborhoods and vibrant businesses. That's why the Council approved the Magnolia Tank Farm project in the western edge of the city. From the coastal-themed visitor accommodations to its desirable affordable and market rate residential offerings, this project is quintessentially Huntington Beach. It will also create new coastal public access and vistas while ensuring greater preservation and protection of our precious sensitive natural resources."

Former Mayor Barbara Delgleize,
City of Huntington Beach

"The Magnolia Tank Farm project is a model by which we can compare future development and land use applications. Just like the rest of the State, Orange County is facing an ongoing crisis in housing availability. To meet this obligation, our County must accommodate almost 184,000 new housing units in a matter of years. I have full confidence in our local and regional planning authorities and our flood control infrastructure to protect existing and future developments to meet our Regional Housing Needs Assessment obligations."

Orange County Supervisor
Andrew Do

Highlights of the Magnolia Tank Farm Development

View of the marsh with Magnolia Tank Farm in the distance.

  • Sets aside land for coastal conservation providing a buffer and enabling improved access for study of the local wetlands.
  • Fulfills state policies that promote green building, sustainability, and mixed-use communities to contribute to a better environment in the Orange County region.
  • Expands opportunities for all Californians to stay on the coast by adding the Lodge, a visitor-serving use including low-cost accommodations.
  • Promotes eco-tourism in the area with overnight accommodations directly adjacent to the Magnolia Marsh and new public park areas.
  • Adds new housing units to address the state and region’s housing shortage.
  • Provides affordable housing to help Orange County serve its residents and fulfill the County’s obligation to provide housing for all residents.
  • Reenergizes the local economy by creating jobs and delivering additional lodging, retail, and restaurants to support the local community, public access, and tourism in Orange County.
  • Implements innovative measures to address sea level rise, adopt Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green building standards, and contributes to the Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA) for Orange County.

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